MyLiFi® Pro is not just a High Tech lamp with a pure and elegant design, It is also a connected object!

MyLiFi® Pro by

CES 2018 Innovation Honoree
Tech for a Better World
CES 2018 Innovation Honoree
Smart Cities

A double award winner at the CES Innovation Awards 2018 in the Tech for a better world and Smart Cities categories, MyLiFi® is an LED lamp with a contemporary design by Pierre Garner of eliumstudio. The lamp reinvents the broadband Internet connection without harmful radiowaves.

MyLiFi® Pro uses LiFi technology, which provides data transmission by imperceptibly modulating the light emitted by an LED light.

MyLiFi® Pro offers a connection…

More powerful than WiFi

Highly secure connection

An instant connection with all devices

A connection without harmful radiowaves

MyLiFi® APP, effective remote control

Instant management of lighting ambience

More powerful than WiFi

Thanks to its binary and invisible code of its LED beam, MyLiFi® Pro allows an internet connection more powerful than WiFi. Even not illuminated, it provides a reliable connection.


MyLiFi® Pro enables highly secure access control, not only through passwords but through encrypted data transmission between the lamp and the user’s device, protecting data security and confidentiality.

MyLiFi® Pro, une lampe high tech et connectée


More specifically, LiFi provides data transmission by imperceptibly modulating the light emitted by an LED light. The resulting data connection is ultra-fast, secure and free of harmful radiowaves emissions. Light signals are received and converted into data by a LiFi dongle connected to the mobile device.


Thanks to the LiFi dongle, a type of USB key, all devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones, can connect to the network instantly.

Thanks to this power plug, available on all MyLiFi® products, connect any device throught a USB socket! It will act like a photodetector transforming the light into data.


MyLiFi® App is an extremely versatile application for light control, connectivity and secure access control. It allows controlling the connection needs, the lighting environment (brightness, color temperature) individually or in groups. Privileges can be set for lamp groups, specific lamps or individual users.


Mobile and web-based apps provide control over brightness and colour temperature ranging from warm white (2200K) to daylight (6500K), allowing users to create their preferred ambiance.

Management of lighting ambiance not only restores life cycles, but improves concentration, and counteracts seasonal depression. This brings many health benefits.

« A reinvented connection or every connection is a unique moment. »

Additional information :

  • Upload: 10MB/s, Download: 23MB/s
  • Intensity: up to 650 Lumens
  • LED useful life: 50,000 hours
  • Colour temperature: 2200K to 6500K
  • Head and base diameter = 20 cm
  • Lamp depth = 64 cm
  • Maximum elbow height = 53 cm
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labour
Pierre Garnier


Pierre Garner, co-founder of eliumstudio, has been making product design at the service of the application for over 15 years. He specializes in the design of connected objects. It is turned towards creation, innovation, for a broader vision that takes into account the evolution of uses in the era of the digital revolution.

«With MyLiFi® Pro, Oledcomm offers a new generation of lamp. A lamp that transcends visible light by delivering simple and secure connectivity. We therefore sought with this design to materialize the immateriality of this « intelligent » light. For this we have imagined a simple object obvious and pure, removing the technology for the benefit of comfort and use. » explains Pierre Garner