LiFi or Light Fidelity is a wireless communication technology based on the use of visible light.

LiFi is your gateway to a wireless communication network of unmatched speed!

This technology of the future is here now !

While Wi-Fi uses the radio part of the electromagnetic spectrum, the LiFi uses the optical spectrum.

By turning on and off millions of times per second an LED bulb, information can be transmitted by creating a binary sequence.

Extremely fast sequence changes let you transfer all types of data (video, audio and broadband data) at higher speeds than Wi-Fi.

The benefits of lifi?

Secured : At the end, LiFi will offer a faster and stable connection than WiFi.

Health-friendly :  No harmful electromagnetic waves, no interference.

Speed : Speed: LiFi offers a much faster and stable connection than WiFi.

Eco-energetic:  The LEDs last on average around 50 000H against 2000H for a halogen bulb. This represents a saving of 80%.

Indoor Geolocalisation : LED light spots equipped with LiFi become a positioning system with centimeter accuracy.

LiFi technology became an international standard for wireless communication in its first release in November 2011 by the International Telecommunication Standardization Committee.

Different types of LiFi

Unidirectional LiFi

Bidirectional LiFi

Applications of LiFi


Services to users:

gives information about bus and metro schedules and traffic news of the public…



No electromagnetic interference, it won’t disturb medical instruments.



can find or promote products in the aisles, guide the customer to the desired items…

Smart City

City core:

guide for street shopping, tourist area, community information about the city.



Geolocation of men and objects, work in sensitive areas without internet…



display presentations, transforms smartphones into personalized guides.



to provide a secure connection in certain areas, geolocate offices, etc…

Interested in creating a LiFi project?