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GeoLifi® platform

The GeoLifi® platform is the indoor geolocation solution to help retailers offer a service tailored to mobile multi-app shopping experience consistent with their clients. The interior GeoLifi can also be deployed to optimize and increase the understanding of the customer interaction and experience within an indoor environment. The platform helps provide precise mapping of the interior spaces, creating new opportunities for data analysis that can lead to operational efficiency, enhanced security and increased revenue in spaces such as airports, shopping malls , logistics centers, universities, health care, etc.

The GeoLifi® provides robust and comprehensive mapping tools to help identify, measure and visualize the pedestrian traffic. In addition, GeoLifi® optimizes indoor and outdoor floor plan navigation information so customers can search and access points of interest using their smartphone.

The GeoLifi® platform allows better understanding of their customer behavior, it is designed to be flexible, easily customizable and usable with existing and emerging location technologies.

Customer benefits:

  • In store, "personal shopping assistant"
  • Mapping of the store or spaces
  • Special products can be pinned on the map
  • "List of visual shopping" serves to remind buyers the article they may have forgotten
  • Detailed Product Information
  • Promotions and / or selection of products so that they appear on the tablet or smartphone to bring the client to the product location.
  • A vehicle to promoting products, services, or special offers with pictures and videos

Benefits to the brand:

  • Increase sales by generating more sales by making effective staff training
  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Measuring customer focus
  • Evaluate marketing and merchandising effectiveness
  • Measuring advertising effectiveness
  • Quantify customer traffic
  • Quantify by department for product placement effectiveness
  • Measure the highest value for the real estate investment for product placement
  • Quantify the value for in-store advertising sales
  • Hot / Cold Zones
  • The shelf space can be revenue source for a supplier by evaluating best placement on shelves