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Since January 2018, the MyLiFi® Pro lamp has been distributed in Canada by Global LiFi Tech.

What is MyLiFi® Pro?

MyLiFi® Pro is a high tech lamp that allows a LiFi internet connection while offering a customizable mood lighting. Thanks to its many features, this lamp has distinguished itself at the CES Innovation Awards 2018 by winning the awards in the categories Tech for a Better World and Smart Cities. Let’s note among others:

  • It does not emit harmful electromagnetic waves
  • It can instantly connect with any type of device
  • It can be controlled remotely through an application
  • It is highly secure

This new generation lamp reinvents the way we connect. It was created by the French company oledcomm, whose founder, Suat Topsu, is the co-inventor of LiFi technology.

Its designer, Pierre Garner, specializes in the design of connected objects. The reputation of eliumstudio, which he co-founded, is well established.

MyLiFi® Pro, une lampe high tech et connectée

Who distributes MyLiFi® Pro in Canada?

Here are our Canadian distributors by province:

  • In the maritimes, Focus Electrical Sales Inc. distributes in Moncton (NB), Bedford (NS) et Saint-John’s (NL).
  • In Québec, edp distributes the lamp in Montreal.
  • In Ontario, D2S inc. sells MyLiFi® Pro in Toronto and MVP Lighting in Rockland.
  • In Alberta, Wow Lighting is a distributor based in Calgary and Edmonton.
  • In British Columbia, Inter-Lite Sales takes care of Vancouver distribution.

For complete contact details of all our distributors, visit our Distributors’ page.